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Hi guys! This is my Doodly review! As you know, videos are great weapons to do marketing online since text articles and blogs are getting boring. However, the importance is that creating high-quality videos to attract viewers is not an easy task. They will take you a lot of time, effort, and even money.

Today, I will share with you a software called Doodly. With its assistance, you are not only able to create profitable videos but also make things gorgeous, unique and time-saving.

Doodly Review – Overview

You can record talking clips in which you’re the main and the only character to introduce your products. But what about if you’re not good at talking, or you feel shy when you’re in front of a camera?

Doodly comes here to solve this difficulty. It’s created by Jimmy Kim and Brad Callen. In my Doodly Review, what I’m going to do is to show you all of the great features of Doodly, the way it works, and the reasons why you should buy it. Hope you enjoy it!

What is Doodly?

Doodly is a video creation application that allows you to create animations like the ones you often see on a whiteboard or a blackboard. On the other words, the software combines hand-drawn images to create doodle-style videos with just some drag-and-drop procedures. Doodly has a massive library in which Jimmy and Brad included a variety of scenes, characters, props, text, and sounds. To know how much they are and what they are, let’s read the “Feature” section in my Doodly Review.

What are the Features of Doodly?

Everything You Need to Create a Video

The software includes over 10 unique characters, 200 different props and 20 scenes. They’re all hand-drawn. There is also royalty free music to make your video more animated

Moreover, if you want to add more images, you can upload them into the software and ask it for building drop pass. They can be drawn by yourself or anything you found on the Internet.

Create Unlimited Number of Video on Whiteboard and Blackboard

All the images, pictures and text are hand-drawn. The background of the videos can be whiteboard or blackboard (depend on your choice).

Smart Hand Movements

This feature is what I like the most. When you put an image, you can add hand movements that mimic the brushwork of the image. It’s like you are drawing real pictures, record them and add them into a video. You will become a talented artist with Doodly.

Drag and Drop with Ease

The software is very easy to use, and you don’t need any Photoshop skill to master it. All you need to do is to point, click, drag and place the images in the location you want in the videos. That’s all.

Desktop-Based Software Available for both PC and Mac

The software interface is 100% desktop-based. It can work on Windows or Mac. It weighs about 200 Megs, and you can download to your computer within seconds.

How does It Work?

Step 1: Whiteboard or Blackboard

After access to the app, you will see a very friendly interface. The first stage is to Create A New Video. There are two options for you: Whiteboard and Blackboard. Then don’t forget to name the video.

Step 2: Design

When you go into the creator, on the left side of the window, you’ll see five sections: Scenes, Characters, Props, Text, and Sounds. Each option is full of images, and music. You can take one, move it and change its size. When you feel ready to show it off, click Preview to see how clear and crisp your draw patch are.

If you want to combine many images into one video, you can do it quickly. For example, pick up a Sitting-Man in the Character section, then choose a Table, a Laptop and a Keyboard in the Props. Change their sizes and locate them to create a complete picture. Go to the Text section and name something like “A guy is typing some text on his laptop”.

If you want some Music, you can go to the Sounds section and select anything you like.

Step 3: Export

When you finish all the pictures, the last thing you need to do is to Save and Export into a video. The software supports some definitions from 360p to 1080p, as well as FPS and Quality. They’re all dependent on you. 

Why Should You Buy It?

You should buy Doodly because it will help you many-fold increase your sales and conversions. The money will come to you.

Besides, the software helps you create doodle-style animations. They are unique, and I’m sure people will fall in love when they watch them.


Doodly is worthy to invest. Don’t waste your time for a better product.

Buy it, use it, and believe in me, it will help you a lot.


Doodly Review


Thanks for reading my Doodly Review. Bye!



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